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Neuer Lieferant: Technical Storage Technical Storage gehört in seinem Heimatmarkt Frankreich unbestritten zu den fundiertesten Spezialisten im Bereich z/OS Storage Performance Management. Ihr Kernprodukt EADM weist dabei vollautomatisiert nicht nur auf sich abzeichnende Engpässe hin, sondern gibt K_-basierte Handlöungsempfehlungen, wie diese Probeleme behoben werden können.

RTD Version 8.7.0

RTD Version 8.7.0 New features in RTD/zOS V870E include – Support for XRC/RP (Extended Remote Copy/Global Mirror Remote Pair FlashCopy). The COMBINE function has been enhanced to allow “combine-in-place” for any number of contiguous but separate extents. The method used to perform serialization of VSAM datasets has been completely rewritten A number of changes have … Weiterlesen …

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T-REX 7.3 General Availability

T-REX 7.3 General Availability T-REX is the fastest selling catalog management product ever released. Dino-Software Corporation developed many of the enhancements in this release in direct response to requests from current T-REX product users. Release Notes

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RTD/Db2 INTERCHIP is proud to announce the availability of RealTime Defrag for Db2 (RTD/Db2). RTD/Db2 is a revolutionary new software product which provides all the benefits and features found in RTD/zOS and applies these to Db2 DASD volumes. RTD/Db2 processes Db2 datasets in real-time under the control of Db2. Exclusive serialization of Db2 datasets is … Weiterlesen …