RTD Version 8.8.0

New features in RTD/zOS V880C include –

  • New RTD function SPACEREL (optional license required) RTD SPACEREL can be used to release free extents on extent space efficient volumes back to the extent pool.
  • New RTD function CHKVOL (optional license required) RTD CHKVOL will perform an integrity check on a volume's VTOC prior to any subsequent processing.
  • CHKVOL at RTD start-up (optional license NOT required) CHKVOL (see above) is automatically performed for any volume listed in message RTDL37W at RTD start-up.
  • A new RTD Task detects hang situations in the RTD address space(s) and issues appropriate messages to the system console.
  • RELEASE processing of compressed datasets has been optimized.
  • A new facility allows the RTD administrator to save and restore sets of RTD Dialog Options.

If you wish to take advantage of this opportunity to explore the new features in RTD/zOS V880C in your environment, please contact your local RTD Support Team to obtain the installation package.