RTD Version 8.7.0


New features in RTD/zOS V870E include –

  • Support for XRC/RP (Extended Remote Copy/Global Mirror Remote Pair FlashCopy).
  • The COMBINE function has been enhanced to allow “combine-in-place” for any number of contiguous but separate extents.
  • The method used to perform serialization of VSAM datasets has been completely rewritten
  • A number of changes have been made to the RTDISPF dialog.

If you wish to take advantage of this opportunity to explore the new features in RTD/zOS V870C in your environment, please contact your local RTD Support Team to obtain the installation package.


INTERCHIP Produkte & Lösungen

Catalog & Storage Management
umfasendes Speichermanagement


Performance & Capacity Management
Optimal ausbalanciertes IT-Gesamtsystem, um exakt die Business Anforderungen zu erfüllen, heute und in der Zukunft


Workload Automation
Echtes, plattformübergreifendes Enterprise Job Scheduling mit einfach zu bedienenden Workload- und Automationswerkzeugen


Automatisierung von Rechenzentren Standards
Zentrale Kontrolle & Monitoring im Rechenzentrum