11.10 17:00
Capacity Management Maturity Series – Managed to Optimized


The final part in our Capacity Management maturity series explains what is expected from a fully mature capacity management process. If you have followed this series from the beginning, then you will have seen how the process has evolved from a chaotic/reactive process to a fully integrated business process providing proactive information to enable quicker and more accurate decision making to take place with associated benefits realised faster.


15.11 17:00
Changing Landscape of Capacity Management for the Mainframe


Many years, the discussion of CM was on the back burner as it was a mature platform. As things change they stay the same and need to continue to evolve. The mainframe continues to be an integral cog in an enterprises IT environment. This leads to the continue evolution of Capacity Management as it relates to the mainframe. Organizations have begun to review, evolve and mature the CM process to keep up with the demands for today. The mainframe is involved in applications and services that now include the Cloud and hyper-converged technologies. To make CM for the mainframe more business centric, there must be a move away from the component view to Service and Business.