Mainframe Developer



  1. Main task will be maintenance and further development of INTERCHIP z/OS assembler products.

  2. Development of test data generation and other tools for product tests.

  3. Performance of detailed product testing.

  4. Maintenance of English language product documentation for internal use and for customers.

  5. Installation/customization of new z/OS versions.

  6. Installation/customization of subsystems such as DB2, CICS.

  7. Support of Technical Support group for customer problems, product tests (Betas) and similar, including analysis of dumps, determination of problem causes etc.




Developer should be very familiar with modern z/OS assembler programming, including detailed knowledge of macro programming and 64 bit instructions.

A comprehensive knowledge of z/OS / MVS internals is required and the developer should be familiar with development of authorized multi-tasking STCs, cross-memory communication,  writing code to run in system storage keys and related themes.

The developer should have a detailed knowledge of DFSMS and DASDM functions, EXCP coding, BCS, VTOC and VVDS structure.

Familiarity with major z/OS components such as JES2/3, RACF, SDSF, would be advantageous.

Knowledge of DB2 and/or CICS programming would be advantageous.

Knowledge of ISPF dialog functions, REXX and CLIST coding is assumed.

Knowledge of MS Windows coding in C# (DotNet Framework) would be an asset.



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